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Sarah Jane Banahan

Sarah Jane Banahan

But for Sarah Jane Banahan, the founder of The Play Experience that hosts luxurious erotic parties, Malaysia is where she goes to relax. 

“I like the hot weather, England is too cold,” the 31-year-old says with a laugh.

After living in Malaysia for the past two and a half years, Banahan has found the time to manage a bar in Kuala Lumpur on top of juggling her erotic party business in Europe and Australia. 

Banahan, however, said that she has no plans to expand her erotic party business to Malaysia. 

“I understand that Malaysia is a Muslim country and is generally conservative. I feel that you have to be respectful, that is why I don’t host parties here,” she told The Star Online recently. 

“I also try to dress appropriately and cover up a bit. I don’t wear |really short tops with my boobs |hanging out,” she added.

With her light blond hair tumbling down in loose curls, stopping at the slim waistline of her white knee-length bodycon dress, Banahan looks the part of a budding entrepreneur. 

She started her career as a model at 15 and pursued her career in fashion merchandising and fashion forecasting for 10 years before she stumbled upon the world of debauchery and sex parties. 

“I started off when I wanted to throw a surprise lingerie sex party for my boyfriend and I invited about five friends, and it turned out to be a |massive orgy of about 35 people and even had a celebrity turn up at the party,” she said.

After that first party, guests kept asking Banahan when the next |party was, so she eventually started to make erotic parties a business in June 2015. 

The Play Experience throws |luxurious erotic sex parties at hotel suites, mansions, or yachts; and is only open to an exclusive group of Play members. 

Every party has a different theme and held at a secret location. 

“Guests do not know where they are going. They are picked up from their home in limousines and are served champagne, and then driven to the party venue,” said Banahan. 

The party will have music, racy performances and a bar, so that guests can let loose and enjoy the night. 

Banahan said there were also |security personnel to provide a safe space for all guests.

Guests must also wear masks and adhere to the dress code – men must come in tuxedos and women must dress in lingerie that fit the theme of the party. 

She said both couples and singles come to her parties that were aimed at fulfilling their sexual fantasies and sexual needs. 

“Everyone has a naughty side and everyone has sexual needs. Even if you’re in a relationship or a marriage, you should keep it alive and keep it spicy,” said Banahan. 

“I’m just here to throw a good party and create a safe environment for people to experiment,” she said. 

But a ticket to an exclusive erotic sex party does not come cheap, it can cost you Bt6,630 to Bt13,000.

When she’s not organising erotic parties, Banahan models or dishes out sex tips on publications like GQ magazine.

“I’ve always been a bit wild. I’ve rebelled against my strict upbringing,” said Banahan, whose mother |is an accountant and father, a bus driver. 

“But my mum is so supportive. She understands that it’s like going back to the 60s era,” she said. 

According to Banahan, she is determined to live every day like |her last, and not be bothered by the negative comments or haters who criticises her career. 

“I don’t believe that anything is wrong with it, this is just a job to me. 

“It may not be normal, but as long as I’m making people happy, I will continue what I do,” she said.




Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos

Sarah Jane Banahan photos