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Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley

Published: 04:37 BST, 13 July 2016 | Updated: 10:12 BST, 14 July 2016

Being the focus of the eye of the camera lens is enough to make the most confident woman obsess with appearing nothing short of sensational.

And a close inspection of bikini sensation Natasha Oakley's untouched beachside snaps and online versions suggest the Australian model has a helping hand when it comes to showing off her best side.

The permanently sunkissed 25-year-old, who undoubtedly boasts enviable credentials, appears to have mastered the best angles when it comes to posing and perhaps the finest filters on the market.

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Knowing how to work it: Natasha Oakley showed her natural physique in untouched photos in Miami on Tuesday (L)  She is seen in an Instagram snap last week (R)

Adjustment: She likes to ensure she looks her best for the camera at all times

Untouched photos of her and fellow bikini model Devin Brugman in Miami on Tuesday showed Natasha's natural figure as she waded out of the sea. 

Thanks to perhaps filters and clever posing, a contrasting snap from Natasha's Instagram page last week shows her with more of a nipped-in waist and sculpted legs.

Being used to posing daily for her blog A Bikini A Day, she looks to have conquered the art of angles and, perhaps, airbrushing through the use of flattering filters.

All about angles: The 25-year-old shared a social media snap (R) of her posing with a hand resting on her thigh to help streamline her silhouette in Miami on Monday, on the left is an untouched version (L)

While it's clear the beach blonde beauty boasts an incredible and enviable physique, it's all about the pose for Natasha when it comes to portraying her most flattering side.

Her Instagram account is peppered with images of her striking favourable poses, with legs askew and arms resting strategically, to achieve a more elongated look.

And a recent clever snap of her in Mykonos in a pale orange bikini showed off a more streamlined and smoother body, as she threw her arms skywards in a bid to show off a tauter torso.

And stretch! Arms skywards, Natasha showed off her enviable torso and streamline physique in Mykonos recently 

Candid: She boasts an enviable physique but it's all about the pose when it comes to portraying her most flattering side. Pictured in Miami on Monday, left, and, right, the same day on Instagram

Despite falling victim to the pressures of achieving a flawless image, Natasha has always been adamant she maintains a healthy lifestyle and doesn't exercise and diet to extremes.

In June she revealed she insisted she would rather work out than use waist-trainers, telling Women's Health devices often worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, are 'extremely unhealthy'. 

'I would never in a million years endorse something like waist-trainers,' she said emphatically. 

Full and sculpted: The Instagram post (R) in the same bikini shows a fuller chest and more sculpted figure with smooth legs, compared to the natural beach shot (L) 

Strike a pose: The model's Instagram snap shows off a sculpted torso and slender legs in a bandeau bikini this week (R) whereas natural images of her (L) reveal more muscly thighs

'It's extremely unhealthy. These women [the Kardashians] have so many young girls following them - they are supposed to be role models.'

Practising what she preaches, she added that she was also a strong believer in the power of women. 

'People ask me: "Are you a feminist?" And I will say, "I don't know what you mean by that - I didn't ever know another way... I've never experienced anything other than my mother being this strong, powerful businesswoman."'

Washboard abs: In Miami this week (L) compared to when she posed in Italy several weeks ago in an image she shared to Instagram (R)

The social media stunner says she works out with the help of model and trainer beau Gilles Souteyrand and puts her shape down to genetics.

'I got my stomach from my mum, and both my sisters have it as well - we all have great stomachs' she has said.

However, she accepted that she couldn't take her good fortune for granted, adding: 'As much as it is hereditary, I could easily lose it.'

Cheeky! The blonde siren looked a little less pert in Miami on Monday (L), whereas strategic posing, a little filtering, created a peachier online look (R) 

Natasha and fellow blogger pal Devin rose to fame through their blog filled with bikini-clad snaps and recently launched an activewear line following on from the success of their swimwear line.

Their first swimwear collection sold out over a couple of months and they now share a combined following of 1.9 million followers, and rising, on Instagram alone.

They were recently spotted revelling at Coachella Festival having fun in the desert and declaring how much fun it was catching up away from work.

More recently Natasha has been holidaying in Europe with her model beau.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Natasha for a comment. 

Clever posing: The right stance can make a tremendous difference, as she showed social media followers in Capri two weeks ago (R)

Gym fanatics: She works out daily with the help of model and trainer beau Gilles Souteyrand

She does it too? Her fellow bikini poser Devin Brugman showed off a dimple on her buttock on Tuesday (L), which isn't visible on her Instagram snaps (R)

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos

Natasha Oakley photos