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Christina Ochoa

Christina Ochoa

Christina Ochoa

Published: 21:50 BST, 11 March 2015 | Updated: 23:32 BST, 11 March 2015

You have to give them full marks for doing it but what the heck were Derek Theler and his girlfriend Christina Ochoa thinking when they decided to spend 21 hours stark naked in the California desert? 

Theler, who stars as Danny on the ABC Family comedy Baby Daddy, and the Spanish-born actress bared all for their own personal episode of Discovery's Naked And Afraid series, in which a man and a woman have to survive in exotic locales without clothing.

The completely au naturel couple then plastered the photos all over their Instagram pages leaving barely anything to the world's imagination.

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Naked And Afraid: Derek Theler and Christina Ochoa explored their Personal Survival Rating during 21 hours in the California desert in their own version of the Discovery's survivalist TV series

Baring all: Theler, 28, who stands 6'5" tall, showed off his model physique and impressive six-pack as he went butt naked with Ochoa, 30, in the survival challenge

The two preserved their modesty with a little strategically placed image blurring but there was no escaping the handsome actor's impressive six-pack and the dark-haired beauty's perfect figure and interesting tattoo on her lower back.

While Discovery pairs up two strangers who meet naked on the first day, Theler and Ochoa at least had the advantage of knowing each other well.

The Baby Daddy star alerted his fans to his big adventure, tweeting on Sunday: 'Who else loves @DiscoveryChannel? @derektheler & I are doing our own #NakedAndAfraidAdventure! The Mission: Survive 21 HOURS in the desert. Stay tuned & wish us luck!'

Hunter-gatherer: The Baby Daddy star decided that a large snake basking in the sun might make a tasty meal and whipped out his trusty bush knife

Naked and angry: The couple became a little testy with each other after going several hours without food or water and not wearing any clothes

Naked And Afraid survivalists are left to fend for themselves without food, water or clothing but they are allowed to bring one item along for the survival adventure, so the actor brought along a bush knife and the actress brought a fire starter.

Then it was off into the desert for 21 hours of what The Hollywood Reporter has described as 'Adam and Eve meets Darwinism.'

Theler, 28, who's appeared in commercials for State Farm, Nike and Verizon, is seen raising his bush knife as if to strike a large snake he finds sleeping on a rock.

And in another photo shared on social media, the couple appear to be arguing about whether or not they've picked a good spot to shelter in for the night.

The survival items they brought with them obviously came in handy as Theler is seen having cut some leafy branches to sleep on and Ochoa is pictured warming her hands at a small fire she started in a ring of rocks.

The 30-year-old actress, who has a recurring role in the TV series Matador, posted a photo online with the caption: 'Hour 4:#NakedAndAfraidAdventure. Found a cave & built a fire before nightfall. @derektheler is making the bed (for the 1st time ever).'

Domestic bliss: While Theler cut leafy branches for them to sleep on, Ochoa, who's in the TV series Matador, managed to light a small fire to keep her hands warm

The couple who bare together stay together:  Theler and Ochoa spent the night sheletered from the elements  in a small cave during their big adventure

We're over here: Still completely nude, Ochoa carries her injured boyfriend on her back to the rendezvouss with a helicopter sent to pick them up

By the time a helicopter arrived to pick them up, Theler had managed to get a nasty gash on his leg and his girlfriend had to give him a piggyback to the rendezvous point as blood gushed from the wound.

There's no word on what the adventurous pair might get up to next but now that the world has seen them in all their true glory it's going to be a tough thing to follow.

And no doubt the next time they walk a red carpet together, some intrepid reporter is going to say they don't recognize them with their clothes on.

Recognize them with their clothes on? The couple won't ever be viewed the same now they've revealed what's underneath the designer duds they wear on the Hollywood red carpet


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Christina Ochoa photos