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Chanel Dudley

Chanel Dudley

Published: 15:56 BST, 5 August 2015 | Updated: 17:51 BST, 6 August 2015

MTV star Chelsea 'Chanel' Dudley landed in jail Tuesday night after getting into a scuffle at a popular West Hollywood nightclub.

The 26-year-old rapper and budding actress, better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, was photographed being arrested for allegedly assaulting security officers at the LA hotspot 1 Oak. 

Dudley, who appears on the shows Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory, reportedly got into a fight with another woman inside the club and was thrown out.

Ridiculous: Chelsea 'Chanel' Dudley, the star of MTV's Ridiculousness was arrested outside a West Hollywood nightclub after a fight 

Pleading for her freedom: As she was being handcuffed, Dudley begged the arresting officers to let her go

Do you know who I am? The 26-year-old rapper and TV personality pointed out to the deputies that she has been on TV for 17 seasons   

She said, he said: The deputy on the right told Dudley that he wanted to let her go even after she kicked out, but then she went and punched him. The TV host asked for a second chance but was denied 

Once outside, TMZ reported that Dudley turned on the 1 Oak security team.

Someone on the scene made a citizen's arrest and restrained the MTV show host until Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies arrived and detained her.

Photos from Dudley's arrest show the blonde singer and TV personality, dressed in a loose light pink Mickey and Minnie T-shirt paired with skinny jeans, sobbing as she is being handcuffed.

One of the images shows Dudley sitting on the ground with her hands shackled behind her back and looking pleadingly at a pair of uniformed security guards hired by the club flanking her. 

In another photograph, the MTV presenter is seen shouting something before she is bundled into the back of a squad car.

A video of the arrest, obtained by TMZ, shows Dudley begging the security personnel to let her go, at one point even declaring, 'I've been on TV for 17 seasons.' But her showbiz credentials failed to impress. 

She then changes tack and apparently tells a guard 'she'll do anything.' In the commotion, it is difficult to make out what exactly Dudley offers the officer, but he responds by saying: 'you're gonna go for bribery now too?'

She tells a sheriff's deputy that she 'totally' wants to go home and insists that she has done nothing wrong.

Club fight: Dudley, known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, got kicked out of the 1 Oak night club after reportedly getting into a fight with another woman 

Lashing out: Once outside, the blonde singer allegedly turned on the security guards and assaulted them

The singer and actress tried to convince the cops to let her go, but they were not swayed by her tearful pleas

Off to jail: Dudley is seen being led away in handcuffs after being detained outside the hotspot 

Caged: The MTV host was bundled into the back of a squad car, pictured, and whisked off to jail 

The guard who made the bribery comment tells the TV starlet that he wanted to let her go even after she kicked him, but then she went and punched him too. 

'Can you give me a second chance?' Dudley entreats him. 'I'm a normal fing girl.' 

The arrest comes after Ms Dudley made a very public scene in April when her friend was turned away from a VIP section at Coachella.

Dudley was heard invoking the names of hip hop superstar Drake and her music label, Young Money, in a desperate bid to get her companion admitted into the 'artist's section' at the music festival.

Dudley, the daughter of a New York DJ who split her time growing up between North Hollywood and the East Coast, got her start in show business in the late 2000s when professional skateboarder-turned realty TV star Rob Dyrdek offered her a position on his show Fantasy Factory.

She later became a main cast member on the show Ridiculousness, where Dudley, Dyrdek and Sterling 'Steelo' Brim review online videos.

The fourth season of the popular series premiered in January 2014, and the sixth season of Fantasy Factory was announced in 2013.

Dudley, who boasts 2.3million Instagram followers, also has done voiceover work on the animated series Wild Grinders and made her acting debut on an episode of the MTV series The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

Celebrity: Dudley, right, is a main cast member on Ridiculousness, where she and her co-hosts, 'Steelo' Brim (left) and Rob Dyrdek review online videos 

Dudley, the daughter of a New York DJ, has been starring on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory airing on MTV. She also has a side career as a rapper working with Lil Wayne's Young Money label  


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